The Stonehenge stone circles are in England. People transported the first stones to this place about 5000 years ago. We don't know a lot about Stonehenge. Who built it? How did they build it? Why did they build it? It's a mystery.

People built Stonehenge with bluestones and sarsen stones. There were about 80 bluestones. They came from mountains 250 kilometers away. They are very heavy – some weigh about 4 metric tons. The sarsen stones are even bigger and heavier. About 4000 years ago, people transported them from 30 kilometers away.

How did people use Stonehenge? Maybe they used it as a cemetery or a place for studying the sun and the stars. Maybe it was also a temple. It's still a special place for some people today. Every year, on June 21st, lots of people go to Stonehenge to celebrate the longest day of the year.